A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Been trying to keep a tradition of uploading an alpha for people to play every month since development started

Windows Alpha 6 Changlog:

  • Ammo system implemented
  • Detonator weapon added
  • New Character model
  • Knockback on bullet damage
  • Dodge Roll (Press Z key or (Y) button on controller to roll)
  • Debug Feature: Press + on numpad to advance through the game
  • Console cheat: "god" for godmode. Press ~ and type god, press enter

Linux Alpha 6.5 Changelog:

  • Linux only build for now
  • Pistol damage from 50 to 20
WASD - move
Mouse - look/aim
L-click - shoot
L-shift - sprint
L-Ctrl   - crouch
Space - jump
1,2,3,4 - switch weapons TAB - cycle weapons 
Q & E Drop/Pickup - Interact with Doors/Buttons


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Install instructions

Unzip somewhere
Open the WindowsNoEditor folder, click grapple.exe
use controller if you want
Have fun


fadeout_alpha_6.zip 804 MB
build_0006_5_Linux.zip 850 MB

Development log

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