A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Development has been put on hiatus.

A third person action-adventure in development.
Rescue prisoners, utilize your items to access new areas!
Explore the out of bounds areas because its still alpha!

There is no end game to this demo. You can escort 3 prisoners to the exit and kill some baddies.

WASD - move
Mouse - look/aim
L-click - shoot/release grapple gun
R-click - Aim down sights for pistol (required to shoot)
L-shift - sprint
L-ctrl   - crouch
Space - jump
1,2,3,4,5 - equip weapon in slot
TAB/Scroll wheel - to cycle through weapons
Q & E Drop/Pickup - Interact with Doors/Buttons

Alpha 7 Change log

  • Music controller rewritten
  • Death/game over screen
  • Sneak attack double damage
  • pickup animation + animation tweaks
  • Spin jump from bomb-jumping
  • bomb jumping rework
  • Detonator rework
  • Work in progress challenge mode
  • new main menu
  • smaller build size

Known Issues

  • Allied prisoners wont help you unless shot by enemies
  • Enemies wont change targets to allied prisoners most of the time
  • Rescued prisoners is not saved
  • Dead body rag dolls spin out of control
  • While playing with Keyboard & Mouse, you can sometimes accidentally resize the window.


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Install instructions

  1. Unzip somewhere
  2. Create a folder you wish to keep the game
  3. extract the zip contents into the folder.
  4. run the Grapple.exe
  5. Controller only works in-game, not on menus
  6. Have fun


Fadeout_Alpha_0007_Windows.zip 399 MB
Fadeout_Alpha_0007_Mac.zip 348 MB

Development log

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