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Multiplayer preAlpha

I've converted the project into a Multiplayer Shooter!

WASD - move
Mouse - look/aim
L-click - shoot
R-click - Aim down sights for Pistol & Rifle
L-shift - sprint
L-ctrl   - crouch
Space - jump
1,2,3,4,5 - equip weapon in slot
TAB/Scroll wheel - to cycle through weapons
Q - Drop
E - Pickup Items & Interact with Buttons

Known Issues

  • While playing with Keyboard & Mouse, you can sometimes accidentally resize the window.
  • Gamepad loses focus from menus sometimes. (Fixable by just having your mouse at the ready)


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Install instructions

  1. How to host?
    Project Fadeout uses the same Ports as Unreal Tournament
    Port forward: UDP & TCP: 7777-7788 should be enough

  2. How to join someone?
    Old school style, type in their public IP address!
    Have the host go to https://whatismyipaddress.com/ and give you the IPv4 address.
    Then type that into the main menu "Join" section and hit Join!

  3. Graphics Options I recently added some lower-spec graphics options, but they might not be low enough. if you are running into issues on a weaker PC PLEASE let me know, i'm working hard to get options situated so everyone can play!


Fadeout_preAlpha_015b_multiplayer.zip 422 MB

Development log

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