Artstyle & Dodge rolls

A lot of the work done was going back and rewriting old code.

Toward the beginning of the project, i was pretty new to C++ & Blueprint. After using the engine for 8 months, Ive learned some best practices. One of the biggest ones is to always keep your files organized, as simple as that might sound.

Also i learned about the magic of Enumerators. Replaced a bunch of my weapon/inventory logic with enumerator comparisons instead of name checks. (I was a fool)

The biggest and most shiny update to the game is the new character model. With her rework, brings a new level of quality I hope to reach for the rest of the art. She has come a long way since the first model. (below)

Old model

Alpha 0.5 model

Alpha 6 Model
Alpha 6 Model

Dodge rolling (in alpha 6) testing

I have so many more cool things in mind I cant wait to show you all.

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Aug 05, 2019

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