A downloadable game for Windows

PRAXIS - (Working title)
Updated Jan 25th

The build is not optimized-- mostly default UE5 build options. So be warned it might lag on non-top of the line systems (for now)
The intention is to fix this ASAP so i apologize for the frame rate on mid/low systems.

Supports Controller, Keyboard & Mouse.
Controls are displayed in game (not visible in video)

  • Use your move-set to its full potential!
  • Combo enemies for (fun right now) And eventually... to dispatch foes!

StatusIn development
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)


Praxis_Windows.zip 289 MB

Install instructions

Windows only build right now, but you can add to steam as a non-steam game for Linux/Proton


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Visual C++ runtime required

I'll try and include the prereq installer with the build, although it should be included? Odd
Ty for letting me know


hey I finally tried this and I think this is awesome. It works fine on my desktop which I assume works fine because it already has the runtime or whatever it is.

Sweet! Glad to hear!
I'll update this page with a newer public demo later this year probably