Compo submission by Pandan3d

works with Xinput controllers & Mouse/KB.


  1. R key to reset
  2. ESC / Start button for Help
  3. WASD / Left stick to move
  4. Space/ A button to jump
  5. Mouse/ Right stick for camera movement
  6. Mouse Wheel / RB+RTrigger for camera ZOOM


Compo_WebGL_original_Submission 22 MB
Expendibots_Windows (2).zip 31 MB


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Very fun, what a game, what a game


Very fun and unique concept for a puzzle game. Impressive for being made within 48 hours, as well. Great job.


Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked it

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For those having camera issues, I HIGHLY recommend a controller if you have one. Any Xinput controller works.

For those without, please click the game window to TOGGLE the cursor lock.